Subject Lines

Subject Lines: the Key to Catching the Candidate’s Eye

Too often in recruiting, candidates end up getting emails that start with phrases like “Great Opportunity with Fantastic Company.” Well, a line like that has been so overused that it can actually

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social media branding

24 Experts Share Top Tips for Social Media Recruiting

Social media is playing a larger role in hiring and attracting candidates now than ever before. About eight in 10 HR professionals (82%) said recruiting passive job candidates is the primary reason their

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Tools for Sourcers

Top Tools for Sourcers: 26 Resources you Need Now

Over the past few years, the rise of sourcing candidates online has enabled employers everywhere to find talent on their own. Fueled by an influx of new tools, they’ve turned the internet into a giant

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Metrics You Need to Know

Metrics Every Recruiter Should Follow

Recruitment metrics are defined by Wikimedia as, “a standard set of measurements used to manage and improve the process of hiring candidates into an organization.” In my experience, the bigger the

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Work From Home

Want to Improve your Talent Pool? Let Employees Work from Home

Years ago, working remotely seemed to be more of a  perk to the employee than the employer. But today, many employers have embraced this paradigm shift and are realizing that the benefits are mutual.

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Outside the Box

Stuck in a Recruiting Rut? Try These Outside-the-Box Tactics to Win Candidates

When it comes to recruiting, most employers do the same things to attract talent. But sometimes it pays to think “outside the box” and try other tactics to get candidates’ attention. The ideas

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Energize, Empower & Engage

Energize, Empower & Engage

As part of our continued guest speaker training sessions, we hosted Gary Markle this week. His charismatic personality and “energaging’ attitude kept the team scribbling notes the entire two-hours.

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How to Reject Applicants

What’s the Best Way to Reject an Applicant?

When you reject a candidate after a phone screen or in-person interview, do you let them down gently or just tell them they didn’t make the cut? No one likes rejection. I recently asked my network of

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Visual Job Ads

Making the Case for Visual Job Postings

If I had my way, every job listing that exists today on job boards or company career sites would have at least one image on it. Imagine if every posting you clicked on showed that job in action or at the

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Phone Interview Tips

Phoning It In: Hiring Managers Reveal the Best Phone Interview Strategies

The phone screen is a tried and true method of recruiting as it allows you to quickly gauge a candidate’s fit for and interest in the position. In my last post I wrote about better interview questions

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