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Ask Q: Discussion on SourceCon session – API’s, Bookmarklets, and Sourcing

Matt Ferree is a technical expert when it comes to extracting candidate information from sites many might not realize are rich with candidate data. He always receives high session ratings because he delivers advanced technical knowledge with humor and charisma. Matt will help you stop relying on others to build the new sexy sourcing tool. The internet is full of API¡¯s that are rich with candidate data. Instead of waiting for a vendor to determine how to leverage it, you can tackle these challenges on your own and you¡¯ll be ahead of the competition. Matt will educate you about API manipulation and automation that will open up a wealth of new information that will make you look like a hero to your hiring managers. During Matt¡¯s presentation, you¡¯ll see several examples and gain an understanding of the thought process behind this skill, and how you can implement it for your own needs.

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