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Ask Q: Discussion on The Foundation and Future of Sourcing

From: Glen Cathey, SVP Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation, NRC, KForce.
Glen attended his first SourceCon in 2008 and he was pretty quiet. When he returned home, he started blogging and is now one of the most well known writers and highly rated speakers to grace the SourceCon stage. He has spoken and written about candidate sourcing for years. In this session, he will discuss the foundations of sourcing, how it has evolved as a function over time, and what skills talent acquisition professionals should hone to stay competitive in this constantly changing profession. Even if you’ve heard Glen speak before, expect to hear him build on his well-known methodologies and share new insights that will prepare you for what lies ahead for sourcers and recruiters. Attendees will leave equipped with the sourcing methodologies and new hacks that will help you to quickly identify the right candidates to include in your daily call plan.

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