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The Toledo, OH Job Market

Wondering where to find jobs in Toledo, OH? This city of nearly 290,000, is also known as the "Glass City" because of its long history with glass production. Other notable companies that make their home in Toledo, Ohio include green energy companies, the automotive industry, multiple universities and even a handful of Fortune 500 companies. While this city's job market leans more toward production than much else, it is still a job market worth investigating due to the fairly recent green energy boom.

Most jobs in Toledo, OH come from administrative, education, food service, sales and transportation positions. Even so, the job market is stable at just over 5% unemployment, with wages on a fairly steady increase in most industries. Job-seekers looking for work in Toledo, OH would likely have the most success in the glass-making industry, since Toledo is most famous for this, but the automotive industry is another solid choice for those looking to get a job right away. Those with a knowledge of green energy will want to try for a position with one of the city's green energy companies, as this industry is only getting stronger thanks to government research grants.

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